Photos & Videos

Visit my Facebook, Flickr, or 500px pages to see my photos and to be notified when I post them. I only post my personal favorites to Instagram.

About Me

I've been going to anime and fantasy/sci-fi conventions since I first attended Kumoricon in Portland, Oregon in 2007. Photography is my hobby, and cosplayers are my favorite subject. :-) I'm not currently doing photoshoots, but if you run across me at a convention, I will gladly take your picture.

Feel free to contact me about anything. I'm friendly. :-) I prefer Facebook messages, but you can also send an email to paul@orussa.com.


Coming Up
Kumoricon Oct 2017 Portland, OR
Anime Expo Jul 2015 Los Angeles, CA
Anime Revolution Aug 2015 Vancouver, BC
DragonCon Sep 2015-16 Atlanta, GA
Emerald City Comicon Apr 2009 Seattle, WA
Kumoricon Sep 2007-13, 2016 Portland, OR
KuroNekoCon Aug 2014, 2016-17 Spokane, WA
Lilac City Comicon May 2014-15 Spokane, WA
Northwest Fanfest Jun 2014 Vancouver, BC
PAX Prime Aug 2014 Seattle, WA
Sakura-Con Apr 2011-17 Seattle, WA
SpoCon Aug 2014 Spokane, WA
Spokane Renaissance Faire Oct 2012, 2015-16 Spokane, WA